• Phil Mace

    This websites gives you an outline of my expertise in webdesign, stratergy and development. I have 12 year experince in the develpment of websites backud up with previous careers in video productions and corporate sales.

  • e - commerce websites

    Our ecommerce solutions provide a complete affordable solution for small to mid-size online shopping enterprise

  • joomla maintenance contracts

    Joomla Maintenance Contracts provide a set amount of hours dedicated to your company each month. The amount of hours is proportional to the contract period.

  • dynamic joomla design

    This is the age of dynamic design. Looking good in front of the boss’s desk top PC is not going to win over an ever more expectant customer base looking at you from their latest and greatest devices.

  • video content

    Video is alway a powerful way to engage. Now we are free from the DVD and TV distribution social media alowes anyone with a engaging message to find empathy and conectoin.

  • training videos

    Training is provided to help you get up to speed in maintaining yur own website, or to create interactive video tutorials that remind us how to do those occational technical jobs.

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Australian Mortgage Options


Foundation for Disability

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Website Prices

  • AUD550.00 each

    New Joomla Website

    Setup and install of latest Joomla website

  • AUD220.00 each


    Includes hosting and Joomla secuity updates

  • AUD110.00 each


    Instal and setup basic template which is mobile ready

  • AUD2,200.00 each

    Appointment Website

    This is the set up and populate time slots for full appointment system

  • AUD1,100.00 each

    Membership Website

    This is the setup of a manamgent system of user and Staff admin members. It allows limitation rights across the website to the limit of 6 hours work.

  • AUD990.00 each

    Refferal Form with Signiture

    This is a plugin that allows the website to process online forms that can be signed by the user and submitted with images of the user’s signature.
  • AUD1,540.00 each

    Events Managment Website

    This plugin allows the user to register for an event with an inbuilt billing system plus ticket and certification options.

  • AUD550.00 each

    Blog Website

    This plugin allows bloggers registered with the website to publish to pages across your website and auto publish to Facebook, Twitter linked in and google+ in one click.

    A must for SEO and website propagation

  • AUD1,200.00 each

    Shopping Website

    This plugin creates a fully functioning online shop using the Hikashop plugin. It includes the set up and layout of selected number of products, delivery options and payment set up.

  • AUD1,320.00 each

    Directory Website

    The directory plugin turns your website into a full functioning webdirectory.

  • AUD1,000.00 each

    Web Stratergy Workshop

    This is a 3 hour workshop that brings together key figures within your organisation that need to have a presence on your website. It identifies the external and internal markers that will allow the website to speak through one clear voice to your customers.

    It also creates clear achievable targets that to work towards goals for web traffic and sales.

  • AUD600.00 each

    Rent a Writer

    Our writer can create your content or maintain your Blog. She can either re format your own words or interview subjects to create one voice for your website.

  • AUD1,320.00 each


    Photographic services are available for location shoots, product shots and portraits.

  • AUD120.00 each

    Mac Fix

    Apple mac repair – Fast and Reliable Service

  • AUD120.00 each

    Video Editor

    Video editor for music and promotional work

  • AUD300.00 each


    Website design and development for seamless integration into your brand.

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