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  • Site maintenance contracts

    We offer site maintenance contracts for the Joomala platform, providing a set amounts of packaged hours dedicated to your company each month.

  • Dynamic website design

    More people than ever access online content via a myriad of devices aside from a desktop or laptop. We can help you ensure that your website is dynamic and responsive, able to communicate your business and function across the devices that your customers will view it on.

  • Engaging video content

    Video is increasingly the effective way to engage customers online. We not only help you create engaging online video content, but utilise social media streams to make that communication as effective and networked as possible.

  • Forum training videos

    Forum provides a regularly update playlist of training videos, offering you step by step instructions about how to do those small technical improvements or simply maintaining your own website. 

Website Portfolio

Lounge Manufacturer

chillipip shop


Textile Art

art shop



The Skin Hospital

scfa home

Website Prices

AUD550.00 each

New Joomla Website

Setup and install of latest Joomla website

AUD220.00 each


Includes hosting and Joomla secuity updates

AUD550.00 each

Appointment Website

An appointment booking tool for your Joomla site. Define any number of timeslots that a resource is available. A user can see when the resource is available and book an appointment. 

AUD550.00 each

Membership Website

This is the setup of a manamgent system of user and Staff admin members. It allows limitation rights across the website to the limit of 6 hours work.

AUD990.00 each

Refferal Form with Signiture

This is a plugin that allows the website to process online forms that can be signed by the user and submitted with images of the user’s signature.

AUD770.00 each

Events Managment Website

Matukio is one of the most powerful events extensions for Joomla!™ Making it easy for you to show, book and manage events in your own Joomla! powered website.

AUD550.00 each

Blog Website

This plugin allows bloggers registered with the website to publish to pages across your website and auto publish to Facebook, Twitter linked in and google+ in one click.

A must for SEO and website propagation

AUD600.00 each

Shopping Website

HikaShop enables you to manage your shop's content (categories, products, etc), handle advanced prices management, heavily personalize your store by providing an easy interface to customize all the HikaShop views.

AUD660.00 each

Directory Website

J-BusinessDirectory is a professional and reliable business directory. You can create now the professional business directory you've always dreamed of. The clean display combined with sought business directory features make J-BusinessDirectory top of the list. You can create and efficiently manage any type of directory.

AUD1,000.00 each

Web Workshops

This is a 3 hour workshop that brings together key figures within your organisation that need to have a presence on your website. It identifies the external and internal markers that will allow the website to speak through one clear voice to your customers.

It also creates clear achievable targets that to work towards goals for web traffic and sales.

AUD180.00 each

Rent a Writer

Our writer can create your content or maintain your Blog. She can either re format your own words or interview subjects to create one voice for your website.

AUD1,320.00 each


Photographic services are available for location shoots, product shots and portraits.

AUD120.00 each

Video Editor

Video editor for music and promotional work

AUD100.00 each


Website design and development for seamless integration into your brand.

AUD330.00 each


Do you need onsite support. I am happy to come to you and help you though any issues you find requires the personal touch.

Please be aware that billing time includes travel time.


AUD500.00 each

Hospital Website

This selection of website options are used by hospital and health industry clients we currently service and provide ongoing maintenance

-10%AUD450.00 each

Mobile Website

Dynamic website for social media campaigns. Choose from setup otions

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